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Graham Weldon






I have been working as a PHP developer for 12 years. In this time I have grown as a developer, as a speaker and as an individual involved in community activities and conferences. For the last 4 years, I have been engaged in helping the CakePHP Project, and various other open source projects. CakePHP has evolved significantly, and has made big leaps forward particularly with the recent 2.0 and 2.1 versions being released. The move to PHP 5 has allowed us to achieve bigger and better things, while simplifying the use of the framework and taking advantage of new language features that PHP 5 provides.

With all the advances we make, and new features we present, the framework would be nothing without the support of the community and the developers that choose CakePHP as their platform for developing applications. Being involved with the CakePHP community through representing the framework at conferences all over the world, I have come to recognise the unique environment and community that is the Japanese developer community. This is not only the case for CakePHP, but for other open source projects. The Japanese community is passionate and dedicated to give back to the project through documentation efforts, code submissions, plugins, education, conferences and meetings. All of this is done across language barriers that would otherwise stifle creativity and input.

I'm excited every time I get the opportunity to visit Japan, as it provides me with an opportunity to meet and talk with CakePHP developers that are just as passionate about the project as I am. I learn so much from our community in Japan, that I truly believe CakePHP would not be a success without their support and dedication.

This book is a testament to the dedication, and high quality community output that exists in Japan, and our support of this book is an indication of how important publications such as this are for the global community. Thankyou to all the authors for putting in the effort to produce this book for the community.