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Ever since I was very young, I have always been a big fan of traditional Japanese culture: bonsai, gardens, ikebana, haiku and netsuke. After I visited Japan for the first time in mid-2014, I've become more interested in modern Japan as well.

Among other things Tokyo has impressed me greatly, to me the city is a great balance of the past and the future.

Allow me to say, when you have strong interest in someone or something, it's always great to know the attraction is mutual.

Accordingly, I was very pleased to know that there's a significant interest in nginx among Japanese users of open source software.

During my visit to Tokyo, I had a chance to meet with more than a hundred of Japanese users at a meetup organized by our partner (SIOS), and I was overwhelmed by their warm reception.

I really appreciated the opportunity to meet and talk with the Japanese users of nginx - that was highly educational and memorable.

I hope this book will help the nginx users in Japan to understand our software better, master additional useful techniques, and build scalable and future-proof web applications.

I also hope the book will contribute to a growing popularity of nginx in Japan.

Igor Sysoev